Do the prices on your website play a significant role in your client’s decision to hire you?


Isn’t this a better question:
“How do you choose your plumber?”

Accounting is not a life or death situation. We tend to not put a price on that. Clients don’t see it the same way with accounting and that’s why they will make a purchase based on price.

Every business owner factors price. All of them.
Making accounting this super unique, only one person in the world can do it, type of service is more what the conferences and software vendors sell but it is not real. Your customers do have to like you, they do have to believe you’re competent, but they all factor in price.

Now if you don’t know how to quote a price online, that makes sense, as it is complicated for some firms and value pricing is hard (I do flat pricing) but the concept of not wanting the client to know the price as soon as possible, never has made sense to me.

Why hide it if you don’t have to?

I have very small clients, I focus on volume not on large clients. Most of mine are in the 100K to 500K revenue world, so the model works, they don’t really respond well to the value process. That said, I should modify my answer to “Very small clients (I have found) like to buy off the rack meaning they see the price, the package, and do it.

Bench, Pilot, Bookkeeper 360, ledgers online, bookkeeping express, and Ragain Financial are kind of going for those small guys and all show pricing. If that is your target it makes sense..

I publish my pricing, been teaching that for years. It is the single largest change I made that took my firm from a few hundred thousand a year to over $1M. Nothing else changed, just made it easier for prospects to make a purchasing decision…

Christopher G Ragain is the founder of Halon Tax and Tax Planner Pro. Christopher helps small business navigate the tax world.