A client we recently fired insists that we to turn over the QBDT file to them although we refuse, what would you do in this situation?


I have been the firm that is on the other end of the situation – Where the client, for whatever reason, is leaving and we are on-boarding them.
It is truly a great help to have the QB file regardless of how it was used. If we get a file from a peer, they will also include a short note with any relevant details and an offer to take my call if I have any questions.

I have a great deal of respect for those that try to make the transition go smoothly regardless of the circumstances of the termination. When the client tells me the former accountant will not release a copy of the file, it sends me a red flag – not so much about the client whom I’ve been working with directly, but about the former accountant.

Unless the file would somehow indicate that the previous work was done incorrectly, I’m wondering why it matters so much – unless it is a way to “punish” them for being bad clients. And it leaves a bad impression with the new firm that is hired.

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