Cash Flow Accuracy

An accurate cash flow forecast that you can trust.

See how accurate your forecast is, and precisely what steps you need to take to make sure it is spot on.
With a reliable forecast, you can make business decisions confidently.

Edit cash flow forecast scenario to improve accuracy

See exactly how accurate your cash flow is.

Our software scores the accuracy of your forecast to help you understand how reliable it is.
The algorithm ensures that your forecast includes all relevant transactions and that they are all up-to-date.

Cash flow forecast accuracy score
Cash flow tooltip shows the current balance and forecast accuracy score

Take simple steps to reach a perfect forecast.

The software shows if specific transactions are missing from your forecast and if transactions should be updated or changed, thus making it very easy to know what you should do to reach perfect accuracy.

"Great app for cashflow and projections"

"Offers much more than QBO does in the way of cashflow projections and reporting. Would recommend 100%."

Adam A.

Predict transactions are expected to occur in the future.

We use machine learning to analyze your data and create future Projections.
You can review, edit, and include Projections in your cash flow to reflect what is expected to occur in the future and improve the accuracy of your forecast.

Identify and correct inaccuracies in your forecast.

The software automatically identifies and highlights inaccurate data, so you can quickly update it and maintain an accurate forecast.

Update invoices expected dates
Measure cash flow accuracy per type of transaction

Measure and improve accuracy for each type of transaction.

Besides measuring the general accuracy of your cash flow forecast, the software also measures the accuracy of each type of transaction (i.e., Sales, Rent, Inventory, etc.).

This breakdown helps identify if transactions are missing from your forecast.

Compare expected balances with previous months.

Another way to quickly check the accuracy of your future projections for the next month is to compare them with previous months’ average balances.

Compare expected cash flow balances with past months

Get a cash flow forecast you can trust.

Businesses like yours are using Cash Flow Frog to make decisions based on accurate data.

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