Helping businesses see their future

We aspire to bring clarity into businesses' decision making process. Using big data and AI to enable stake holders and financial managers predict where their businesses are headed.

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It's all about people

In order to have happy stake holders a company should have happy employees. And in order to have happy employees a company has to have happy customers. 
We design our products and services to solve the most significant problems for our clients’. We have created a healthy, innovative and creative work environment where our employees can thrive.

Our values

An illustration of teamwork and friendship


We are a team, first and foremost.
As a team we reach further than we could have as sole individuals. In our team there is plenty of space for each individual be unique and shine.

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Integrity is the cornerstone for a successful teamwork. We hire only people whom we believe to be honest and authentic.

An illustration of the boldness value


We dare.
We don't hesitate to be innovative, experiment and even fail sometimes. We believe this is the best way to learn and to improve.

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We put our heart and soul into everything we do. We take our work to the highest level, and we're proud of it.

responsibility illustration


Success always belong to the whole team, but in order to get there each one of us must take full responsibility of their part of the work.

humor illustration


We love humor.
Where there is humor there is intelligence and there is a situation for people to be creative and innovative. And besides, being serious all day is a drag...

joy illustration


Though it's not always easy to enjoy your work, we are passionate and believe in what we do. We work hard and always remember that work is only a means to an end.

Is Cash Flow Frog a good fit for you?

In Cash Flow Frog it’s all about team work. In a team we can accomplish much more than we can as individuals. In a team we create friendships and our time has more meaning. Our time at work becomes challenging, interesting and enjoyable. So yes, we’re looking for the most innovative, smart and creative people. But before all that, we’re looking for people who love working in a team.

Open positions:

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