New: Quarterly View and advanced filtering

We got great news for you – Cash Flow Frog just got even better!

Quarterly View

Planning for the long term is a must.

The problem is that it is pretty hard to make sense of a two or three-year cash flow plan.

That’s why we’ve added a quarterly view on top of the existing views (daily, weekly, monthly).

Now you can easily figure out your long-term cash flow.

Cash In/Out Only

Sometimes you want to focus on your cash in, or your cash out.

To help you do just that, we’ve added a button to the main screen that toggles between cash in / cash out .

Advanced Forecast Filters

The cash flow transactions table is one of our most useful features. lets you view transactions by day in a list format (same as your bank statements)

However, it is quite difficult to work with it when you have many transactions.

That’s why we’ve added a way to filter specific transaction types, accounts. customers and more.

Wait! More is coming soon – Planned vs Actual and rule-based projections.

Please let us know what you think after you check out the new features.

Your feedback helps us improve Cash Flow Frog for you!

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